Who's Dirk?

Dirk is a Distinguished Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. His Principles of Economics course has helped more than 40,000 students understand and appreciate economic principles.

Dirk's use of pop culture is part of his signature teaching style. He's collected many of the resources he uses in class to help you learn econ and have fun in the process.

Meet Dirk Mateer

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Here's How I do It

  • Easily Avoidable Mistakes
    1. Don’t teach beyond the course prerequisites. As tempting as it might be to illustrate an idea with some simple calculus, it will only frustrate the large majority of your students if th... Read Article
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Anonymous asked: Is there a place where I can download multimedia to us...
Dirk Deciphers: Most media is copyrighted material and the transmissio... more
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Who's Dirk?
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