Principles of Economics

Dirk Mateer (University of Arizona) and Lee Coppock (University of Virginia) bring their teaching insights and best practices—honed over a combined 40 years in the classroom—to every instructor in the country through a new truly student-centered text, instructor-centered ancillary package, and pedagogically thoughtful homework solution.

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Principles of Economics
Great teacher! Makes class very entertaining with pop culture references. He's why I'm so into econ.

Book Chapter Contributions

  • International Handbook of Economic Education
    "Incorporating Media and Classroom Response Systems in the Economics Classroom" (With Joe Calhoun)
  • Doing More With Less: Making Colleges Work Better
    “A Tale of Two Partners - How Specialization and Division of Labor are Reshaping the Academy,” edited by Josh Hall, Springer Publishing, 2010. Buy now!
  • Expanding Teaching and Learning Horizons in Economic Education
    “Recent Film Scenes for Teaching Introductory Economics,” edited by F.G. Mixon, Jr. and R.J. Cebula, New York, Nova Science Publishers, 2009. Buy now!
  • Economics in the Movies
    South-Western Publishing, Mason OH 2005 Buy now!
  • The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture 2002
    “Letting the Gini Out of the Bottle: A Look at Inequality in Major League Baseball Since 1985” (with Brian O’Roark) edited by William Simons, MacFarland & Company, Inc. 2003. Buy now!
Journal Articles
"The Economics of The Office"
(with Dan Kuester and Chris Youderian) Journal of Economic Education, 45 (4): 392, 2014
"Multi-Media Technology for the Next Generation"
(with Tawni Ferrarini) Journal of Private Enterprise, 29 (2): 129–139, 2014
"Econ 1-0-What?"
Journal of Economic Education, 43 (4), 440, 2012
"Using Film Clips to Teach Public Choice Economics"
(with Frank Stephenson) Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 10(1): 28-36, Summer 2011
"TV for Economics"
(with Linda Ghent and Misty Stone) forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Education in 2011.
"Your Place in Space"
(with Margo Bergman, Michael Reksulak, Jon Rork, Rick Wilson, David Zirkle) Journal of Economic Education. 40 (4): 405-421, Fall 2009.
"Movie Scenes for Economics"
(with Herman Li) Journal of Economic Education. 39 (3): 303, Summer 2008
"Teaching Private Enterprise Through Tunes: An Abecedarium of Music for Economists"
(with Josh Hall, Robert Lawson, and Andrew Rice) Journal of Private Enterprise, 23(2): 157-166, Spring 2008. (Received the best note award for 2008.)
“From ABBA to Zeppelin, Led: Using Music to Teach Economics”
(with Robert Lawson and Josh Hall) Journal of Economic Education, 39 (1): 107, Winter 2008.
“Using Flash to Create Synchronized Lyrics and Music to Teach Economics”
(with Andrew Rice) Perspectives on Economic Education Research, 3 (1): 53-64, Spring 2007.
"The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat"
(with Robert Lawson) Public Choice 83: 305-312, 1995
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