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30 Days

In the pilot episode of this reality series focused on the minimum wage. Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée spend 30 days in a poor neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. The couple attempt to survive by earning minimum wage (at that time $5.15 an hour) in order to make ends meet. In addition to making minimum wage, they were required to start off with only one week’s minimum wage (about $300) in reserve. In addition, they could not use credit cards to pay their bills. They experience firsthand the struggles that many minimum wage households face trying to live paycheck to paycheck. 30 Days makes it painfully clear how difficult it is for anyone to live on minimum wage for a month, let alone for years.

A quote by Morgan Spurlock sums up what the episode tries to convey, “We don't see the people that surround us. We don't see the people who are struggling to get by that are right next to us. And I have seen how hard the struggle is. I have been here. And I only did it for a month, and there's people who do this their whole lives.”

After watching this episode of 30 Days it is hard not to think that raising the minimum wage is a good idea. Unfortunately, the economic reality is that raising the minimum wage does not guarantee that minimum wage earners will make more and also be able keep their jobs.

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