Kami no Tou

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Kami no Tou (Tower of God in English) is a Japanese animated series, it is a story about a fictional world, where people compete in mysterious challenges to climb the fantastical ‘tower’. Upon reaching the top of the tower, a person is granted any wish of their choice. An appealing incentive, no? This clip features a challenge called “The Crown Game”. The goal is to be the first person to touch the crown. Once a team has the crown, one person must wear the crown and sit on the throne. The other two teammates must protect the crown wearer, all the while, the other teams are permitted to challenge for the crown. The defending team wins if they can hold off all attacking parties for 3 minutes. The attacking teams win if they dethrone or de-crown the crown wearer. This scene in Tower of God requires an understanding of game theory as well as the benefits and complications of collusion. The dominant strategy in the Crown Game is to obtain the crown as soon as possible and defend it. Defense provides the best chance of victory. Choosing to wait, or relying on others, is not an option in the crown game. The Nash Equilibrium iis in everyone’s best interest to fight for the crown at any cost.

Contribution from Halley Hughes (University of Arizona)

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