I Need a Dollar

Media Type: Music Topic: Incentives

Aloe Blacc

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Aloe Blacc’s catchy tune provides a vehicle for exploring a number of important issues, including the usefulness of currency in facilitating exchange, the necessity of earning an income in order to purchase goods and services, the cost of borrowing money – since he “needs” a dollar, and the effects of inflation on the value of a dollar. Finally, there is the singer’s plea for you to “share your dollar with me”. You could share with him two ways: you could be generous and simply give a dollar to him or you could download his song and pay him a dollar for his “story”! Note: As a graduate of USC with honors in Communication & Linguistics/Psychology, Blacc worked for Ernst & Young before his music career took off. His story might well be worth more than $1.

Content derived from AEA 2013 Poster Session: "Staying Relevant: The Best Media for Teaching and Learning Economics in the Last Five Years," by G. Dirk Mateer and Kim Holder.

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