Incredibles 2

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The 2018 sequel to The Incredibles opens where the original left off, with the Incredible family fighting to stop The Underminer. By now, all superheroes have been forced into hiding by public outrage over the collateral damage crime-fighting Supers habitually leave in their wake. Enter Winston Deavor, the head of a major telecommunications company. Not long after the Supers were banned, robbers broke into the Deavor mansion and shot his father. Winston always believed that if the Supers had been allowed to continue helping people, his father would still be alive. Therefore, when he and his sister inherited the company, they decided to create a campaign to bring back the superheroes. To do this, Winston wants to change the public's perception, by filming a superhero saving the day without any collateral damage. He wants Elastigirl to lead the campaign, because a cost-benefit analysis by his sister determined that Elastigirl is able to solve crimes with far less damage than her husband, Mr. Incredible. That leaves the big guy in the role of the stay-at-home dad. Elastigirl changes public opinion about the Supers as she defeats villains, because she is adept at minimizing property damage and loss of life. Good economists do likewise, by keeping costs as low as possible while getting the job done.

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