Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

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This film is about the television news industry in the early days of female anchors – the 1970s! Stations were diversifying their broadcast teams and beginning to add women and minorities to previously all white, male lineups. 

Veronica Corningstone, a new anchor, introduces herself, “Hello, everyone. I just want you all to know that I look forward to contributing to this news station's already sterling reputation.”
The added competition for air time does not sit well with Ron Burgundy and his male colleagues. 
“I mean, come on, Ed! Don't get me wrong. I love the ladies. They rev my engine, but they don't belong in the newsroom! It is anchorman, not anchor lady! And that is a scientific fact!” 
Veronica overhears the conversation and after leaving the office she begins a monologue,
“Here we go again. Every station it's the same. Women ask me how I put up with it. Well, the truth is, I don't really have a choice. This is definitely a man's world. But while they're laughing and carrying on, I'm chasing down leads and practicing my non-regional diction. Because the only way to win is to be the best.”
The movie, and more specifically, the scene described above, points to the difficulties in breaking into new labor markets in which entrenched interests stand in the way. Veronica Corningstone felt that she had to be the “best,” a not so subtle reference to the discrimination she was facing. She had to be better than the existing male anchors to get the job. Ron and his friends viewed Veronica as a threat because she, and others like her, increased the pool of qualified applicants, thereby lower the wages throughout the industry and also make it harder for male anchors to find positions.
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